For the past 15+ years, ReSys has supported our London, Continental European, and Scandinavian clients’ business and helped them to meet the changing business requirements.


We are a team of people with long experience in insurance, reinsurance, and IT systems used to manage the business.


Our speciality is in understanding the special requirements of legacy data and systems.


In addition, we provide service based solutions for the existing and upcoming regulation, such as AML, KYC, FATCA, ORSA and MiFID II


Custom made, client specific, web-portals to collect data over the web.

Key differentiating factors

Portfolios are transferred from their current environments to a solution specifically developed to manage both live and legacy insurance/reinsurance and portfolios in run-off, in a modern environment without the need for costly investment in hardware, software, and associated resources. 

Our track record proves that ReSys can deliver an operational system in an agreed timetable.


  • Specifically designed for insurance related data and legacy portfolio management

  • Business knowledge 

  • Multi-portfolio and multi risk-carrier support which enables management of data and reporting to be consistent across all portfolios and books of business.  

  • Flexible and scalable solution 

  • Short time to value 

  • Complete and coherent legacy data management system that can have new portfolios added as and when required.

  • Includes data warehouse solutions for both business and Solvency II reporting and creating ETL's for the EIOPA templates


  • The conversion has a strong business view and is not considered to be a pure IT challenge. 

  • Minimal interruption of existing production systems while conversion is on-going as conversion is done outside the production environment 

  • Data preserving and enhancing conversion  

  • No loss of data 100% and full audit trail

  • The conversion process is transparent and can be monitored and verified at all phases.  

  • Clear audit trail of the converted data. Multi-portfolio support – portfolios can be converted and analysed as individual ones or combined. 

  • Multi-data source support – a portfolio can contain data from any number of data sources and systems. 

  • After completed conversion, the source system can be turned down while the conversion database will be available for audit purposes if required. 

  • Fixed price conversion offer


  • The ReSys solution is available as licensed product or as a (“Cloud”) service. 

  • The ReSys Cloud offering is a Subscription based, software as a service (“SaaS”). Our Cloud solution is based on Amazon Web Services, but can also be implemented using the client’s preferred service partner or as in-house implementation.

  • Proof of Concept and Value (POC) possibility provides the client with an opportunity to verify the feasibility and functionality of the system in practice, without compromising the live, ongoing production systems, before making the final decision to use the ReSys offering. 


IT Systems converted

  • INS2000 
  • IRIS 
  • SAP 
  • SAP/RI
  • SICS 
  • In-house build systems

Data sources converted

  • DB2 
  • Oracle 
  • SQL Server 
  • Flat Files 
  • custom data sources

Conversion work done

Converted Portfolios
Underwriting Years
Different Systems

Contact Us

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